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Dexter 60lb™ Frontloaders - 2

These are the newest editions to our landromat and the real workhorses. These machines can handle up to six times the laundry of our toploaders and are perfect for high capacity laundry needs, large loads of towels & any type of bedding (comforters, blankets & sheets).


One load from these 60lb frontloaders should be split into five dryers, unless it is a single item such as a comforter.

Speed Queen™ 25lb Frontloaders - 2

25lb frontloaders are a great choice for someone looking to get two loads of laundry done at once. They can handle twice the amount of laundry that our top loaders handle and the cycle time is almost exactly the same! Additionally, these frontloaders can wash an entire load with only one box of single load detergent.


These washers are also good for larger loads of towels or jeans which require more water & soap to clean.


One load from these 25lb frontloaders should be split between two dryers to maximize drying efficiency.

Speed Queen™ 18lb Frontload Horizons - 12

These 18lb frontloaders are some of the most efficient washers available. They are 50% larger then the top loaders and are great for clothes (including heavier garments such as jeans and sweatshirts) or small loads of towels.


These frontloaders only need about 1/2 a box of single load detergent saving you money!


One load from an 18lb frontloader can then be dried in a single dryer. Heavier garments and towels may be better split between two dryers to decrease dry time.

Speed Queen™ 12lb Top Loaders - 5

Traditional top load washers are good for small loads of clothes. 


One load from a 12lb top loader can then be dried in a single dryer.

Maytag™ Dryers - 14

Our commercial grade 35lb Maytag dryers offer three tempature settings and are large enough to handle your large scale items such as comforters & sleeping bags. 


Drying Tips:

  • Using less soap during the wash cycle will decrease dry time and prolong the life of your clothes

  • Use three quarters to start the machine for maximum heat time

    • If more time is needed, add additional quarters prior to the cycle ending

  • Split large loads into multiple dryers to decrease overall dry time

  • When drying large comforters or blankets add a couple of tennis balls to keep the item from rolling up while drying.

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